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Improve cache quality via log functions?

Der Quixote

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I wonder if it may be possible to add two more features to the log function:



Ribbons or stars or whatever that you may apply to very good log entries - analogue to FPs for caches


  • log quality - cachers may want to collect FPs for their own logs and therefore will not simply log "good found, tftc, #5648"
  • logbook quality - more detailed and interesting logs will better show other cachers what to expect when planning to go for that cache
  • cache quality - expecting quality logs owners may tend to build more quality caches



Comment function for single logs


  • more interactivity - questions or suggestions could be answered directly and not only by another note log
  • logbook quality - the logbook would be easier to overview without note logs that reply to other logs
  • cache quality - more interactivity could lead to a greater affinity to single caches


What do you think?



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I see what you're driving at, but, no, I don't think such features would be very useful. The first doesn't strike me as interesting to begin with, but more importantly, I'm not sure I want to see longer logs from log writers that are only motivated to write longer logs by the chance to get a star. That focuses the attention on the log when all the attention should be on the cache.


The second feature just turns the log into a discussion forum, and GS is quite clear they don't want discussions in logs for what I consider very good reasons.


On the other hand, I would like to see a button to send e-mail to the person that filed a log entry, all set up with a copy of the text and a reference link so they can see what I'm commenting on. That would allow me to tell them privately that I enjoyed the log without burdening people reading the cache's log since there's no reason to think they'd have any interest in what I happen to think about some individual log.

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To my opinion anyone should have the possibility to positively rate (no ratings were self explanatory) a log.

That may be achieved by simply clicking on an icon like a ribbon, a smilie, thumb up or whatever which would be counted and displayed.


As an owner

  • I am interested in what others think about my cache concept (listing, puzzle, finale, setting, location, subject etc.) for means of improvement or variation.


As a cacher

  • I am interested in what others think about that very cache if I do think about going to that place - so I read the logs. Does it really fit to my interests and preferences (to me simply collecting points is not really an interest in the original sense of the game)?


So the motivation to write quality logs - referring to listing, puzzle, finale, setting, location, subject etc. - (in either direction - may someone be satisfied or disappointed) could lead to

  • Owners improving or adjusting their own caches.
  • Cachers finding caches that better fit to their interests.


A comment function could help

  • to instantly react to trouble logs (e.g. if someone had difficulties in one part of the game), thus avoiding unnecessary DNF logs
  • make the logs appear more clearly arranged as "@ John Doe" note log answers would be redundant

This function might be limited to cache owners to take control over possible spoiler informations.


A direct email function as dprovan suggests might serve this as well.

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Interesting idea. I try to describe our caching experience as well as possible writing a "general" few lines about the caching day and goals we have set (log template in GSAK) and the add extra about each individual cache. If it's a non-inspiring micro a quick "easy find" may be added, if it's a multi with cleverly hidden WPs or field puzzles the log gets longer. I've had good comments on my logs and that gives me extra pleasure however, getting stars, points, favorites or whatever will not change my logging habits. It might work for others, though, it might even means less "TFTC" or even worse "." (just 1 point) found logs (to hard to type on a smartphone probably).

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