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CITO Attendance

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Seems participation is lower here too, except the times when souvenirs are involved.

Guess folks need that incentive. Stats. Sad, I think.

Just like multis, maybe the numbers trump something that may take a while.

Some of the CITOs in my area, we're lucky to have a handfull of folks at best, while the end of the day searching shows local folks out in groups on "power runs".


I myself stopped attending quite a few, when anal folks started requiring registration to attend.

- One even requested my drivers license #.

Posted here a few times of one, where I asked if the folks walking their dog over there had to register, and when told no, asked, "what's the difference? I'm helping you, they're not."

I left in protest, while a finned regular in these forums used his caching name and no one questioned it.

- Yeah, that registration really meant something. :laughing:


I don't log most events, CITO included, thinking they're not a cache.

Usually logging only the ones my other 2/3rds wants for a day or other stat thing (I could care less about stats), so possible others may do the same.

- Though my observations are on being there, not by what's logged on event pages.

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I wonder what caused the peak in 2013? There really should never been a peak as long as the number of active cachers continues to grow; I think that is troubling. Also, the drop in 2014 from an average of 17 attendees/event to 14 may not seem like much at first glance, but that's an 18% drop.


We'll have to wait and see how the 2015 numbers turn out in the end; we've got all the Earth Day CITOs this weekend to change these numbers, but the end of April means the snowbirds are flocking back north. Caching will also decrease with the summer heat down here, especially given the early onset of said heat (we've been repeatedly hitting the 90s in March and just set a record high today).

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