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Meeting in the Hudson Valley

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This is note is a repost from the general forums to better target the local cachers.


“Hey there Hudson Valley(and anyone else) how about we plan a meeting by the train trestle near the kodo cache?


Nice big field, nice big mountain with views.....


It's time we got face to face again.”


The 17th (Saturday) or 18th (Sunday) looks good and about as spontaneous as we could possibly get...

Where? Kodo Cache

So what to do while we’re there? The usual. Eat, talk, get 'lost' in the woods, and compare notes and toys.

Come prepared to hike if you like. Bring your toys, cameras and your entourage of camp followers. Bring some food and water for yourself too!!


I'll see if I can't dig up a table to lay our personal logo stuff.

I’d like to see if we could do a bit of trading.

Who knows this could have a flea market feel to it.


Anyone have any alternate suggestions?

Dates, times, places?


Happy Trails,



Drive Fast, Take Chances. -- Jon Bedford

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Bummer. Those are the dates for the 2003 NJ Picnic and Camp-Out at Cheesequake. I've already booked a campsite for the event.


If your event is on Sunday I'll try and get to it after I break camp.


There's also an event on June 7th-8th It's the Geo Jamboree. It's about 10 miles east of us near the CT/NY border



As always, the above statements are just MHO.


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My son's got baseball games both 17th(11:00)and 18th (2:00) The following weekend would be memorial day weekend and I'll be away that weekend. There's one weekend then between memorial day and geojamboree and I have a feeling I'm going to be recouping and catching up with the house stuff that weekend, but there are no baseball games that weekend so if there's something up I'll try to make it. Kern, are you considering coming to the Geojamboree? That should be a blast. Not too far away...Pound Ridge is a great park with a nice load of caches placed in it. From the sounds of things it should have a pretty good turnout too....at least worth a daytrip if not the whole weekend icon_smile.gif I'll be more available end of June after Baseball is over, or July if they make it to the playoffs.

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"Geo Jamboree" sounds like fun. Perhaps we can set a date a little further down the road and attend some of the already planned events.


I am excited about swapping goodies and stories.


For instance I found a supplier of reflective string . Great for night caches.


Anyone interested please continue to post your available dates and this meet just might get rolling.


Happy Trails,



Drive Fast, Take Chances. -- Jon Bedford

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