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Typo in Category Grid.

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I saw there was a change in the Category Grid.


Category Belgium Benchmarks is changed from 1079 to 1080 and the latest category Graves of Unusual Deaths is after the Peer Review last days new on 1079. :P


The typo is on the Category Grid page and it says for me: Grid Count: 139 of 1060

But I count 1080.


Another question, why says the homepage of Waymarking at this moment: resently there are 602950 waymarks worldwide, listed in 1082 user-created categories.


I see 1080 icons in the grid not 1082. So missing 2 categories.

Grtz John.

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The order on the grid is determined by when the category was started not when it was approved. The count in the grid does not include the last line of the grid (not sure why but just doesn't) I know of only one category that is not on the grid (Seattle Art and Seek, a special Groundspeak category), I don't know what the other would be.

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That is the extra category. It did not pass peer review but can not be removed from list however it is locked so no waymarks can be added to it and it does not show on the grid. The other Silhouettes category is a good category.


Well, that's certainly a category for my ignore list.

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