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Geocaching Blog doesn't work properly with HTTPS

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It sounds like you might have to write a rule within the add-on for those problematic URLs.


The authenticated-by-a-certification-authority SSL certificates aren't free. Non-implementation of https on servers that don't process confidential information might be a financial decision by Groundspeak.


EDIT: The issue might not be financial. Examination of the certificate issued at their web store shows it is a wildcard certificate which means they could theoretically deploy it on any server whose URL ends with .geocaching.com (unless they bought a wildcard certificate with a limited number of subject names). The issue could be technical/administrative; when you add another subject name to the certificate and re-key it, that new cert has to be reinstalled on all the servers on which it is currently in use.

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After stumbling across this post and error, I end up discovering it's linked to other errors I've been experiencing on the site. The HTTPS Everywhere add-on has geocaching.com set enabled by default and when enabled the site is not redirected to SSL, but certain things within the page appear to be redirected to SSL and then silently stop working.

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