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hatfields cache reunion


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I know several of you know about the proposed return to Hatfields cache (10 have it on their watch list). So far everyone who has found it/looked hard for it is accounted for except Toolman. I think it would be nice to get Doug A. on board as well. We could get him to the top and beat him up. I'd like to see some new adventurers go as well. The topic is being discussed on the cache page at the moment. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=4722&log=y&decrypt=

Maybe we could get a date established here. Any suggestions?

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Here's the response in full:


After discussing this cache with about 10 other admins, I regret to inform you that I cannot approve it as an event cache. But let me say that all the admins felt that what you are doing is fantastic... you are replacing a cache that's very important to the history of geocaching in your area, and you're assembling a great group of adventurers to conquer the terrain. HAVE FUN! Many of the admins wished they could join you.


Our reasoning for archiving your submission was that you are basically getting a group of people together to hunt for a cache. This happens all the time, although not usually for such a monumental hunt. If we approved this event, then everyone would want an event listing when they get a couple of friends together to go cache hunting. It's two smiley faces for basically the same cache.


An event cache is meant to be an opportunity for geocachers to get together to talk about geocaching. Whether it's beer and pizza or a picnic shelter at a state park, the sine qua non of event caches is the getting together and talking part. There is something happening above and beyond hunting for a single cache. We didn't see that in your submission.


We also believe that your existing forum posts, and the notes left on the existing cache page, are sufficient ways to publicize your cache hunt. You can also e-mail people to join up with you.


I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goal and getting that cache replaced! That will be a well-earned find.


Happy caching,

Keystone Approver



Basically they are afraid that if we open the lid on having an event for a single cache, that "We are indeed worried about the case of 5 people getting together to go find a 1/1 cache in the city park, and calling that an event"

I respect their decision, not because I think this one shouldn't be approved, but because of what it would lead to down the road.



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I echo MDX's sentiment....Makes no difference to me. I think we are all in agreement it needs to be done


This is an exerpt from my email to Mike when he attempted to post an event cache...please feel free to add ideas for the cache.


Please explain that this is a cache not for kids, nor the aged, nor the infirm (mentally or otherwise).


Tango has agreed to hook up with us as he was with me the first time.


Needed Items:


First aid kit



more water

more first aid

more water

more water

more water



This is a tough hike..... people will move at different paces...everyone involved needs to bring one item (let's try to be original) for the cache.


I will purchase the ammo can. Do you have any geocaching decals?


Lets make the loot worth the hike.


Anyone attempting such a brutal climb deserves some kudos.


Need to fix a date stick with it and hope everyone can make it.


NO date will satisfy all people. I don't care if I have to take a vacation day... call in dead or play hookie I will be there...come to think of it...I will be about dead b4 the day is over...


Please post your ideas.

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As I have stated before. Im game for this. It really doesnt matter to me when. Ill go at night on weekdays if need be. I cant go in the evening though the week is all. Also....I agree with CP...make it worth while to climb up there. Im pretty sure when CP found it there wasnt much in it. Ill add some good stuff to it..havent decided what yet. Might I suggest a large ammo can..so everyone can add something.

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Originally posted by Catman76:

bump.....are we going to do this?


Well, I am...thought crossed my mind to covertly go and replace the cache by myself but .....


Everyone is reluctant to throw a date out, as I am sure all interested parties will not be able to make it.


This always seems to be the case. However...this needs doing soooooooooo as First Finder I will envoke my date fixing rights and say Sunday, Aug 31, 3:00 pm.


We will give the "Devil his due."

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k, yall,


Understand for those who haven't been up this mountain or participated in self-mutilation before...


It's bushwhacking all the way up. Nettle weeds and rattlesnakes and rocks. Good boots must be worn.


This is AUGUST...heat is a real factor bring plenty of ICE WATER.


and forget about keeping up with MDX he's NUTZ

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Originally posted by cache-potato:

k, yall,


Understand for those who haven't been up this mountain or participated in self-mutilation before...


It's bushwhacking all the way up. Nettle weeds and rattlesnakes and rocks. Good boots must be worn.


This is AUGUST...heat is a real factor bring plenty of ICE WATER.


OUCH. I'm in pain already. Know anyone that works for the local mine?

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No pain...no gain !! I'm there. I'm gonna check with Footloose, naturegal, and Tinkerman. The more to carry me down off the mountain in a stretcher the better!!! icon_rolleyes.gif


"Joy in looking and comprehending

is nature's most beautiful gift."

-Albert Einstein


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Nutz? Me?


I have to agree with Catman. Anyone who has already done this is insane to do it again. I swore coming down that mountain that I'd never do it again. When I came down, fireworks were going off (I went on the 4th of July). In tribute to me I thought.


Listen to tater. It will kick your butt. This will be the hardest cache you've ever done. A third of a mile that you will tell your grandchildren about.


Tater, I don't remember bushwacking all the way up. I do remember trying to find ways around rocks. I also remember being on all fours most of the way trying to keep from sliding down, and looking for trees to put my butt against to rest. I didn't see any rattlesnakes, I didn't think they could climb that high. May need oxygen, as the air seems thin on top. I'll never forget going from 0.14 to 0.13 miles from the cache. Toughest few feet I ever hiked.


No one said exactly where we'd meet. For those with 4 wheel, you can get up to the cemetary. Those without need to park just off the road in the grass. It's not that much further up the hill to the cemetary.


Are we meeting at Devil Anse's grave?


Last one down has to roll the bodies of those that didn't make it to the cemetary.




p.s. Anybody going to do Rich Creek afterwards? The oldest existing "cache" in WV. I know the best way to get there...

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We went left side of the face.


Looked to be a more gentle approach.


It was....if the front side was toothpicks under your fingernails, the left side was a hot poker in your eye. DO NOT GO LEFT SIDE! THIS MUCH I KNOW! It was so overgrown with nettle weed we broke branches and cut a path in front of us. Pain with each step....needed an industrial strength brush cutter...but none available in H*LL <---- that's where the devil is you know.

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As Nanooce and I were probably the last ones to the top of the mountain, there was a fairly clear deer trail up to the first set of rocks which I think was about little of half the trek. After the first set of rocks, we made our way to the left of the large nettle covering. The last little bit was bush-wacking. The most important thing is to brink lots and lots of water. Still would like to know where that stinkin' trail/road comes out!!

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I'll be in the area tommorrow with work. If I get a chance, I'll try to find out something on the road. I may have the combination or a key, it depends on if it's coal-gas property or private property. I never noticed a road near the top. As for the rock, we went straight (straight up the rock). I know there were no nettles there, just some poison ivy, some lizards, and two wildmen.

P.S. should we bring flowers for Anse (and those who don't make it)?

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Mike, Tater, Puter, bro.....yall make it sound so scary. Ya might scare the ppl that havent ever been away from going. I mean...I only had to sit down 4 times and lay down once. I did get a chuckle at the expense of fear from a scared lizard tho. I recommend water for everyone that goes...dont forget it.


Meeting at the grave sounds like a good idea to me...as thats past the highest place you can park.


Im going to try and bring something feud related to put in the replacement cache. Maybe a book or something....just thought I would let yall know.

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I was by ol Anse's resting spot today. I've got some bad news, some better news, and some incomplete news. The bad news is, if the road comes in from Stirat, it is blocked by a high fence and a security guard. The better news is, if it comes in from the north, I found a road that would put you on the right ridge withing 1 mile. The unfinished news is, with the heavy rain and the fact that I was technically working, I couldn't follow the road out. If I get a break between now and then, I'll gas up the Jeep and see where I wind up. If it goes through, anyone with a jacked up, rust and primer jeep with big tires and some ponies under the hood can follow.

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smiles...I have the automatic shotgun being his brother...


Im sure we could wiggle some folks into the back.


Ill bring a digital camera for photo ops and such. Also I have ordered 3 books im going to put in the cache.


As far as for Rich Creek. Jeepman might know if the road we went in on when we went is still open. We drove within 100 feet of the cache.

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icon_confused.gif Ummm, since we well be replacing a missing cache...has anyone asked the owner, Doug Adomatis, how the heck he got there to place it in the first place!!?? I've been away for a couple of days and missed your most recent discussion. There is not a whole lot of space to park near the cemetery road entrance, I thought maybe we would park at some parking lot in Stirrat or Sarah Ann, and car pool to the cemetery. Just an idea. Especially since when I was there MY CAR tried to slide back down before I even made it TO the cemetery! 40 ft of the cemetery is the great grand-daughter's property and I think she said most of the mountain is too. We could ask. She says there is a cave they used to use when hunting that might get blasted by the mining company when they start. Really nice lady too. I told her ( bout a monthe ago ) that a group of us would be back to visit the grave soon!


"Inquiring minds like to know"


The harder you work,the harder it is to give up.

Vince Lombarde

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10 days away. Is everyone still in? I got the books in and 2 of them will fit easily in a small ammo can. But the third would need a big ammo can. So ill bring all 3 with me and depending on the size of the container Ill place some in it.


Meeting away from the cemetery might be a good idea, because there really isnt any parking at the cemetery.


Let me know what the plans are now.

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Originally posted by cache-potato:

Got the box....MDX you have wayyyy more posts in the forums than WVD. Not the only place he is lagging.


Maybe that's why I got to within 10 caches of him. icon_wink.gif He's now a bit more ahead of me, but just wait till I get a vacation. icon_razz.gif


If you get lost while geocaching, don't worry. Someone else will get lost while geocaching and find you. icon_wink.gif

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