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Category Proposal : Rijksmonumenten - Dutch National Monuments

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Before we send a new category to the peer review i want to discuss it at first in the forum.


After the category on Waymarking of the U.S, English, French, German etc etc Monuments it is now time for The Dutch ones.


The new category: Rijksmonumenten - Dutch National Monuments


More then 61,000 Heritage National Monuments in The Netherlands controlled by the Dutch government and published in a free database.

Please take a look at:http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=e207d524-fe78-4bca-a296-b4afc0ff0c2b&exp=True and give your opinion about it.


This category will be controlled by good Dutch Waymarkers/Officers. More Officer request are pending at this moment of writing.

Because we want more then 3 active Officer/Reviewers on Waymarking before it goes in the Peer Review.

Thx & Grtz John

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@ BruceS Thx & I edit the number of sites listed.


@ RakeInTheCache Thx. Because the category is typically Dutch, we prefer Dutch reviewers initially.


To All,

The Category Rijksmonumenten - Dutch National Monuments is send today for a Peer Review.

Please enter a positive vote.

Grtz & Thx from The Dutch Monuments Men Officers.

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After 2 new (declined by us) waymarks in our category that turned out to be a cross post from non-category waymarks, we changed the posting rules.
- Instead of 1 picture, we now require 2 pictures made by yourself.


The reason for rejecting and changing our posting rules are:

-The pictures of the 2 Rijksmonumenten, originally posted in the non-category waymarks, came from a Dutch database and from wikipedia and have been used in various categories in a cross posting.

Thanks for your attention.

Grtz, John.

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-We hebben geconstateerd dat Wikipedia niet als geloofwaardige bron gebruikt kan worden in sommige gevallen.
Er zijn genoeg andere betrouwbare bronnen te vinden op internet voor nederlandse Rijksmonumenten. Mocht u er geen kunnen vinden ? neem dan contact op met een van de Officers.


-We have found out that Wikipedia cannot be used as a credible source in some cases.

There are plenty of other reliable sources on the internet for Dutch Monuments. If you cannot find one ?, please contact one of the Officers.

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