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"geocache orienteer idiots at lancaster" university

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When looking for news of JK Orienteering competitions on Nopesport orienteering forum, I saw this thread:

http://forum.nopesport.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=14544 entitled "geocache orienteer idiots at lancaster" regarding an incident during Temp O competition on Lancaster University campus on Friday 3rd April. I guess it should be possible to discover geocaching user names of those involved, if the location of geoache is known. Might be better for the inconsiderate people to admit their guilt, particularly as they must have realised that the temp o competition was very important to those taking part, especially as there are far fewer trail orienteering opportunities than regular orienteering.

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I see somebody's pointed a finger on there already.


Not condoning rudeness in any way of course, but GC4NEW5 isn't marked as having limited accessibility so it prompts a question.


If it's a public area, or a private area with owner's consent (as it should be) then why was it marked out of bounds by the orienteering organisers? To competitors, fair enough - but if they'd finished their run and removed their numbers (so weren't identifiable by the marshal) - were they still competitors or have they turned into members of the public out caching? What right do orienteerers or any private group, have to deny them access?


The possibility it isn't an unctuous marshal quivering in rage because somebody ignored his silver foil marshall's badge shouldn't be overlooked. (Although I have limited experience with orienteering, I have met marshalls on over competitive events and some of them really do like to throw their weight around)

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Cache available 24/7 all a cacher needs to know as per the attributes. Thank you and goodnight.


Oh sure maybe some uppity official of a sport in its death throws can cry "I'm in charge" and come across as a bit Jaun Sheet stand back pretty ladies, but at the end of the day ... people have to remember ... it's not "geocachers", it's people who just happen to be "geocachers". The attitude is all "people" not geocaching.


Poor instruction on cache page.

Poorly informed official.

Poorly implemented arrangements.


As a side note what hilarious terminology on that link lol. It's all a bit thunderbirds and the posts are hysterical. Some poor soul hammering away at various characters attempting to mash out a post.

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