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Link for reference:


email us


in the field labeled "How would you categorize this request?: ", choose option 9 in the dropdown menu.


Provide a link or GC number to your Listing under Review, and a brief description of what the general dispute is over.


The email will get routed to the Volunteer Support staff, who will take your request under consideration.


If the process is still the same, you should get an automated reply with a ticket number. Hang onto that email in case you need to follow up with another email. The ticket number will help them find the original email and avoid duplication of requests.


Edit to add:


Generally speaking, Appeals seem to be rarely successful with subjects listed under the "Fundamental Placement Guidelines" in the Guidelines. Just don't get your hopes up if your dispute falls under that particular section.

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Topic says it all. Is there an appeals process for a cache placement that gets denied?


I've looked around on the forums for an answer prior to asking this question and didn't find anything. I didn't spend 3 hrs looking so if I missed this topic, my apologies.




Help Center



Help Center → Hiding a Geocache



Help Center → Hiding a Geocache

4. Geocache Appeals



Help Center → Hiding a Geocache → Geocache Appeals

4.1. Required Information for Appeal Submission





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Yes, most issues can be worked around by communicating calmly and clearly with your Reviewer. Reviewers know people will sometimes appeal their decisions, although successful appeals are rare.


Don't ask for an exception to the Guidelines (ex: 527 ft), get denied by your Reviewer, and expect to win a direct appeal to Groundspeak.

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The cache in question is less than 500 feet from not one, but two of your own caches, so an appeal on the proximity issues would not be successful. Your Reviewer explained the level of latitude he could show and it would not take much of a relocation to follow his direction.


However, cachers should not reticent to appeal other issues, especially if the guideline(s) in question appear to have room for latitude. There are situations when a Reviewer may encourage an appeal or go to appeals first to test new concepts. Some of the game's newest variations have come about as the result of a successful appeal on an issue not previously considered.

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So, why don'y you ask the CO of those two caches to move them so you can place this new cache at its perfect location. That CO may be a reasonable person (its you, right? :laughing: ) and move their caches the few feet needed to allow you to place your cache (provided that other caches don't prevent moving those caches)

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Not every good location can have a cache. When I started hiding I had several ideas for placements, but they were all in proximity to other caches. 4 years later i still think they are good locations but they are all still in proximity. It's disappointing and sometimes frustrating, but I'm okay with it.


I'm sure you can find another good spot for your cache.

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