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Shadow's Coin Test

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Ok this was Shadows favorite time of year. So we are going to have a cointest in honor of him. With a Hop Along Shadow Geocoin as the prize.


What you need to do: Describe how you have helped a geocoin reached its goal. You can also Post a link to your log or TB Number of a geocoin that you have helped.


One entry per 24 hour

Do not post trackable number

Maya will determine the winner on April 11




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Ok this was Shadow’s favorite time of year. So we are going to have a cointest in honor of him. With a Hop Along Shadow Geocoin as the prize.


What you need to do: Describe how you have helped a geocoin reached its goal. You can also Post a link to your log or TB Number of a geocoin that you have helped.


One entry per 24 hour

Do not post trackable number or TB number or link

Maya will determine the winner on April 11



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McGrath Husky Dog TB - TB1FA0J


This TB's mission -- " I’d at least like to visit the statue of my great, great, great, great, great Uncle Balto in N.Y. Central Park."


We took him there and took a picture then took him traveling....


the log:



JoenSue placed it in FSC-2010 Rehoboth Beach

Delaware - 145.65 miles

Visit Log

Took a picture with his great Uncle Balto in N.Y. Central Park and sent him traveling again.


Read about Balto, a Siberian Husky .. a great story and why there is a sculpture of him in central park!


Balto Story...

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When we were new cachers, we came upon a whole bunch of original, nice, geocoins from other countries. The coins were found in about 10 caches. Luckily we knew what to do although it was our first week caching, and we carefully logged them out of the caches, took photos of them at different places, and moved them several states away(home from vacation)into new caches. We naively thought that most caches contained coins like this, since we had that experience at first!

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I received the gorgeous Shadow's friend coin from Sweetlife in the Easter Mission so would love to take part in this.


I picked up Irish Flag Geocoin from a cache very near my home on 18/2/13. I was only 2 weeks into my geocaching hobby then and the cache was just my 14th find. It was the first geocoin I had ever seen!

It had been released in Dublin the year before with it's goal to get to Glasgow. Just by luck I was going there to meet friends for lunch the following week. I was taking my new hobby very seriously and was determined to fulfill the mission.

I had to search the map to find a cache that was not a micro or nano that it could go into. I took the train into Glasgow especially early that morning, then got the underground then walked to the cache. It was muggle central that day, I remember sitting for ages on a wall trying to look nonchalant waiting for people to pass by so that I could retrieve and replace the Kelvin Mill cache . Success in the end but I was a wee bit late for my lunch!


I see that the coin has since been to Germany and has a wee trip to the Maldives.



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In 2010 a geocacher named Delta123 wrote a message on the Dutch geocaching forums.

He had activated 15 of his personal geocoins and would adopt them over to 15 geocachers who were going on vacation to nice locations abroad and would be willing to drop the geocoin in a cache.

His goal was that these geocoins would be traveling to the Netherlands and would be home in 2013, the year Delta123 was celebrating his 10th anniversary of being a geocacher.


I was one of the lucky geocachers to receive a geocoin and I dropped it in a geocache in Indonesia.

After visiting two caches in Indonesia the geocoin was taken to Europe again and after visiting Portugal and a little trip to Turkey, it ended up traveling in the United Kingdom.

At the end of 2012 it looked like the geocoin was in the South East of The UK.

As I did the same thing in 2007 , the idea was born to have a short vacation, with my friend and cache buddy Barny, to fetch the geocoin and bring it home.

I had some difficulty reaching the geocacher that was holding the coin at that time, until I realized she was a beginning geocacher (3 founds, 1 retrieved geocoin), probably wondering why Dutch geocachers would be mad enough to travel such a distance to retrieve one geocoin.

After I explained this in another mail she replied to me and we agreed to meet at a cache in Eastborne. (For safety reasons she would bring a friend with a big dog :) )


So, Barny and I drove to France, went through the Channel tunnel and spend some lovely, but freezing days in the UK.

We met up with the British gecacher on a rather stormy day and had a brief, but very nice, encounter.

We found a geocache together in order to drop and retrieve the geocoin, but my explanation got lost in the wind.

Never mind, we did receive the actual thing.


With the geocoin burning in my pocket I wanted to bring it to the hometown of Delta123 on the day we returned, but falling snow had turned the highways in Belgium and the Netherlands into one big traffic jam.

At the last day of January, the month in which Delta123 was actually geocaching for ten years, I managed to return the geocoin that I released in Indonesia in 2010.


That was fun...



Delta123 #12 World Wide Adventures (TB2H38D)

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We picked up one of those 50 states travelers from a friend who had brought it to several of the destinations it had on its checklist, and we added about 4 new states and their designated attractions including one 2500 miles away from home. The tough part is that it has a large laminated info sheet attached so placing it in a cache takes some effort.

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"In Memory Of My Great Uncle Jack" - TB5J577


This Travel Bug was looking to visit a family members grave in Germany. I picked it up in Calgary Alberta and brought it with me to Geocoinfest in Las Vegas. From there a cacher was able to pick it up and bring it to it's destination. The TB owner was sooooo happy.

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We picked up a Lackey coin from a cache in June 2012 that wanted to visit Groundspeak Headquarters. We emailed the owners and told them we were going to the Block Party in August and they said they would love it if we could take it there. So it traveled with us a little bit and then we personally handed it to a Lackey at the Block Party in August 2012.


The coin promptly disappeared from sight. :(


The next year (2013) the Lackey that we gave the coin to posted that the coin had accidently gotten packed up with all the stuff for the Block Party when they cleaned up in 2012. She passed the coin around to a bunch of Lackeys to discover, and then placed it in a cache that was placed just for her wedding!


The coin has traveled 23,000+ miles and has actually made its way back to the cache owners. We love this whole story! Check out the link.


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A friend put out an FTF prize coin in a paddle cache. The FTF dropped it in the river. We spent a while looking without any luck, then made an appropriate "underwater" proxy for it. It continued its bad luck, never getting logged out of the cache we put it in, 2500 miles from where it started, and gritting marked as missing by the CO. We may try again... And might return to the river with a metal detector.

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Moving trackables and trying to help meet their goals is actually one of my favorite parts of the game. One recent one that I helped out was a TB that wanted to visit one of five different breweries around the world. When I came across it, the TB had been traveling for 18 months and 30,000+ miles, but no pictures yet.


One of the breweries on the list was in Boston (Sam Adams) and I have family who live in the area, but I did not know when I would be going there again. Contacted the CO and told them I could probably get this done, but it might be a while. They were OK with me holding it for a bit, so 8 months later I was up in Boston and was able to get some nice pictures for them. I really like how the in the first picture there is a chalk board with the words "YOU MADE IT!"







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Maya has taken time out of playing and has choses the winners.


She has chosen three winners to receive a Hop along Shadow Geocoin:


New Market Mallers




She then said Shadow was a very kind and good rabbit and would not want anyone to lose. So the rest should also win. So everyone else that have entered, will receive a Shadow Birthday coin.


Dorsetgal & GeoDog




Jasper Gracioso





Please send me your address so I can get Shadow hopping to you.


Thanks for taking part in the cointest!

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