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TO archive or not? Especially Reading, PA cachers


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Anyone can respond to this, I just highlighted Reading, PA cause thats where this cache is and I'm hoping some of the finders will respond.


I had planted a cache called "The Sacred Garden". It is a surprise cache, where once the cachers find the cache, they can choose to plant a flower or shrub or tree, etc., and make a trade, or just make a trade and plant no flowers at all. Recently, the gardener came through and mowed all the plants down. Due to that, and some waterproofing issues, i disabled the cache.


I would like to make this cache a letterbox, however, this would cause a change in a cacher's stats page. I realize some people would be pretty pissed about this, where others wouldn't. SO how would you feel?


Would you mind if a cache you found got bumped from one category to the next and affected your stats? Or would you want to see the cache archived and immediately relisted as a different category so your stats remain the way they are? Maybe you don't care? If the cache is archived and relisted as a letterbox should people be able to find it twice??


Thanks for your input.


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This is about change. Why would someone in a high tech hobby worry about things changing? Some day there will be pocket GPSr units that are accurate to a centimeter, is that going to make all previous finds on caches less? We did find the cache in question, it is fine with us to change it to a letterbox.


We should add that we are sorry to see the old cache go, it was unique. It allowed us to connect our caching hobby with our gardening hobby. (Our bird watching and photographing hobby was also used.)


This cache will be remembered with special fondness. Until we found this cache we could not have imagined saying this about a 1/1 cache. Ce’Nedra, you gave us a happy experience, no changes can take that away.

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Originally posted by Ce'Nedra:

I would like to make this cache a letterbox, however, this would cause a change in a cacher's stats page.

I think it's cool that you are asking the community's opinion on this, but maybe it's moot to ask for it.

I was just editing one of my own caches and I noticed that the "cache type" field is grayed-out, i.e. not editable. Is this true of anyone else's cache?


-- I am looking for cache recommendations for Salem, Mass. Got any?

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Ce'Nedra this happened to me once and I got twitchy about it b/c it changed from an actual cache to a virtual cache.


Yes, I am one of those snobs who believe that a container cache is better than a virtual cache. Sorry, it's just my opinion, but there it is.


If I had logged your cache and it had be changed to a virt, I'd be a bit peeved. If it changed from say a multi to a trad, I wouldn't mind at all.


Just one cacher's opinion...



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I doubt that anyone's feathers would be too ruffled if a trad were to be changed to a letterbox. But, in contrast, the situation that Enfanta describes is the primary reason why the ability to change cache types is now locked once the cache is approved.


If you have a legit reason to change a cache type, do what Ce'Nedra did... she wrote to her friendly regional approver. (Well, actually, she wrote to me.) I have the ability to change cache types when good reasons are identified. Behold the power of cheese.

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