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mygeocachingprofile.com question

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On mygeocachingprofile.com/ there are DeLorme challanges that block off a state map. Each block is numbered and has a page number assigned to it. How can I see a map of a given block thta I have not found a cache in? I would like to find caches in a given block and thus complete the map of that state.

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I once made the suggestion that caches show not only the state, but the county and Delorme map section as well. Many did not like that idea as it made finding caches "too easy". I still think it's a good idea as it takes a bit of an effort to match the geocaching.com map to the county and Delorme maps. Would be great for road trips when you want to collect counties and map sections. As the website you mention is able to to that, I would think it would be fairly easy to add to cache pages.

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