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Oh well, at least it didnt get blown up.

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I published a cache several years ago that spooked a nosey old lady with binoculars because she spotted several people looking suspicious around an old propane tank. It ended in an out-of-town cacher getting dramatically roadblocked by local cops and sheriff deputies who thought they were responding to a terrorist attack, or so they said.


Also made the front page of our small-town paper.

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In this day and age we do have to be careful, changed days indeed! But the member of the public who contacted the police was only doing what they thought was right. And no harm was done. And it gave geocaching a plug as well. :D

If it had turned out to be drug dealers or the likes and they hadn't contacted the police, then they would have been thinking "if only". We geocachers must look suspicious when we are out geocaching :lol: I know lots of us get strange looks, :blink: wondering whatever we are up to.

My DH isn't a cacher but does come out with me, one time we were searching for a cache at a marina, a magnetic and showing as near gas canisters! Lo and behold a young man from the marina asked if we were ok? DH walked off and left me to explain ourselves. We did eventually get the cache but on the other side of the canal!

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Law Enforcement & Parks Professionals



Park systems and police departments are a welcome and integral part of the geocaching community. It is our goal to build and honor these partnerships by developing tools and distributing educational materials to enhance the awareness, understanding and enjoyment of geocaching.


Official representatives of parks, land management organizations and law enforcement agencies are eligible for a free Premium Membership. With the premium member status, you are able to identify geocaches currently placed in your region, receive notifications when new geocaches in your area are placed, and communicate with the geocachers who are playing in your area.




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I was going to say the police should get more involved by being allowed to know where they all are in their area, but some areas there are way too many to keep track of. WA state parks I like their idea of having permits to place so they know where they are. In some of the parks here like the East Bay Regional Parks system they have their own rules and many cachers don't realize that. I know of some park rangers say they will remove caches if they violate their rules. The COs think they just got muggled and put them back and the process repeats til the CO archives it. I noticed on one of my PMO caches in the audit page a park ranger visited the cache page. I contacted the ranger and asked them if my cache violated any guideline and they said no.

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