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MOGA 2015 Geocoins!

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Hi, folks!


I just wanted to give a big shout out to fox-and-the-hound and Crowesfeat30 for designing what has to be some of the best MOGA geocoins ever made!


The top coin is the VIP version of the competition award geocoin/medal and the second row are the event coins. Left to right, the antique gold regular event coin, the antique silver VIP version and the antique copper staff version.


Very, very nice work! :D



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These are really awesome coins and I am happy to get at least the Event RE Coin -soon in my mailbox-

I would be highly interested in the rest of the MOGA 2015 coins, but I know I`ll need time and luck.

I am a very patient person and I`ll have time :laughing: :laughing:


In increasing order of difficulty, I can see this scenario in regard to the rest of the coins (at least to me)...


1. VIP version of the event coin (Antique Silver)...while not a lot made, it might be one people would part with.


2. VIP version of the award coin/medal (Shiny Gold with Black Enamel)...roughly the same amount made as the VIP event coin, but even more stunningly beautiful.


3. Staff version of the event coin (Antique Copper)...not a lot made, but it was given to staff who helped to keep the MOGA train running smoothly. At least for me, it's the most special of the bunch.


4. Actual gold, silver and bronze award coin/medal...only given to competition winners, and I highly doubt any would be willing to give them up, given the amount of work involved in winning them.


5. Director/Ultra VIP/Special version of event coin (Shiny Gold)...as far as I know, only directors or ultra special people got this...very, very few exist.


Good luck, either way. :)

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