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Mango Starfish

appropriate Travel Bug

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I have what may be a unique idea for a travel bug, but wanted a consensus on whether it was appropriate. My husband passed away a few years ago and was cremated. In honor of his adventurous life and upcoming (what would have been) 60th birthday, I'd like to send out a few travel bugs with his ashes sealed inside. Does this sound like an appropriate travel bug, or is it too macabre?

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I haven't looked into the official rules. But from my personal opinion I wouldn't do it.



- others may find themself in an unpleasant situation because they may not be so open minded as you are.

- a lot of kids are playing the game with their parents and because of their ignorance they could do things with your husbands ashes what they shouldn't do.

- a lot of TB's get lost, deliberately or not.


I wouldn't mind to retrieve the ashes of someone from a cache but I can understand others would. Maybe you can think of another item in remembrance of your husband which is not physically from his body and you do not mind losing. Such as an item about his former job, hobby, character or anything else.


I do understand your wish, I also hope you can use my opinion in your decision.

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I've heard of a few (couple?) TBs that had little vials of ashes.


I see nothing wrong with it... but a few others might. It all depends on the person picking it up.

Some just may get freaked out over it.

The real questions is... did your husband geocache? If not, then there really isn't too much connection to his ashes traveling about cache-to-cache.


Bottom line: If that is (one) way of honoring your husband's life, then go for it. Oh yeah, you might check into a vial that has a permanent closure system, and itself be fairly rugged... not glass.

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There's a thread or two on the subject and a mention in a pinned thread in this forum.

As with any other trackable, once it leaves your hands, you can't be sure it will be treated with the respect that you'd hope it'd receive.

I personally don't think the possibility of sitting in damp, musty caches, or thrown into a pile of worn trinkets and Hello Kitty plushes is a fitting tribute.

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