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Melvin's Mulitple Madness Vandalized


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Trouble in paradise! Firstly, congratulations to Joelsd, Jemilama, Mxyzptlk and etoast66 on finding the first stage of this cache. No easy feat in itself. It appears the first stage of this 4 part multicache has been removed so I am changing it to a 3 part multi. I cannot guarantee that the remaining other stages have not been vandalized also, but they were in place when I checked on December 8, 2002. I have revised the cache description to allow it to be continued without the first stage.

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Darn, I was supposed to accompany them today, but instead was talked into (by my wife) helping my brother-in-law move furniture and put in a rug. Have to build up those good husband points. You can spend a year earning them and blow them all on a late night poker game, or a bender with your buddies.


Believe you me, I'd rather have been out there with etoast66 & Mxyzptlk, even if they were unsuccessful.


I just find it odd that such a difficult cache would have been vandalized.


"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues" - Abraham Lincoln


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Yes, we found it odd too (or a few other select words when we saw a stake with an attached cut cord in the middle of the swamp). As you could imagine from one of the pics in my log entry, this is prime duck hunting turf. After exchanging emails with Marty, we believe a duck hunter might have stumbled across it. Even though stage 1 (or any other stage) is in a difficult location, its really not too hard to believe a hunter didn't stumble across it. It was near a major creek where boats travel and its hard to fully conceal a cache in tidal swamp (no rocks, trees, etc..)


I would like to thank Marty for his quick response in this matter and verifying that we were in the right spot. Not all cache owners are that responsive!


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The first stage is less than 1000 feet from the Garden State. This is within shotgun range with 00 buck or slugs. (Too far for birdshot, but still too close for safety in case someone mixes up the shells.)


Marty, do people actually hunt that close to the Garden State? This seems like begging for a visit from Mr. State Trooper, if not a real tragedy.



- Team Og Rof A Klaw

All who wander are not lost.


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