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Best places to cache Fredericksburg,Virginia / Washington DC?

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Hello there! I am going to be travelling to Virginia / Washington DC in the next week and was hoping that some friendly cachers in the area might be able to point me towards the 'best' caches in the area.


I am from the Portland, Oregon area (birthplace of geocaching). [icon_smile.gif] I'll also be dropping off some good trades along the way too! I've got some of the highly coveted Oregon geocoins to drop off, as well as some of my own GeoNap coins (if they arrive in time, they should be here this week).


I will be staying in the Fredericksburg, VA area for the most part, and the DC area for some touristy stuff. I am hoping that some 'locals' can steer me towards some quality caches.


I like all types of caches, urban is ok for some quick grabs, but I also don't mind a little hike through the woods (especially for a quality location).


I also LOVE to eat out, so if anyone can steer me in the direction of the 'best' food locations and local watering holes (beer etc.) in the area, I would REALLY appreciate it.


Thanks for any information you can pass along!

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Sorry to say, that there aren't too many decent caches in and around Fredricksburg.


Although, there are some nice ones as you travel up I-95 from there.


(I'd doing this from memory, so soory about not linking them)


"Boulder Shadow" is a nice hike, and there is a new one in the vicinity there too, which I haven't gotten to.


"Tayloe's Iron Works" and "Round Top Beaver Pond" are both historic and cool too boot.


"Pohick Bay Park Cache Hunt" is a personal favorite of mine.


"Race car Cache - 2nd Lap" is fun.


"Occoquon Ramble" is also fun.


Sorry to say that even though there are now about a dozen regular caches in DC, all but about one or two of them aren't near the National Mall.


If you've got any specific questions, please e-mail me at my profile address and I'd be happy to answer them.



War is God's way of teaching Americans geography.


-Ambrose Bierce, writer (1842-1914)

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Yes, visit Pohick Bay. I have a TB in there that I want to have moved along. But be aware unless you have a county sticker on your car you have to pay to enter. I think it is $6.00. But it is a super park, lots of nice trails and you can get the locationless disc golf cache here too.


There are several cches just off (1 or 2 miles off) route 95/395 as you go into D.C.


Haley Park

Forrest Park (?)

Stick City

K Town



There are 8 or more caches in Burke Lake which is up route 7100 just about 10 miles off Route 95. Again you have to pay to enter this park. But it MIGHT be free during the week.


Good caching.

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Thanks for all the great input so far! I really appreciate it. I am going to take a look at some of the caches suggested so far.


Please be sure to keep the suggestions coming, I would love to compile a list of some really great caches to hit.


I still need some info on the best local eating spots and watering holes. icon_wink.gif I love going to those secret little restaurants that only the locals know about and the tourists pass by. I have come to realize that if you want good food somewhere, ask the local residents.


Thanks again everyone, please keep the info coming. My trip is less than a week away, and I'm getting excited. icon_smile.gif

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This would require a car in DC, but I really enjoyed Flowerman's More Stones Telling Tales multicache. It gives you a tour of interesting local history, with a satisfyingly large container at the end. Also, terrain on the last part is a little tougher due to recent events.


The companion cache, Stones Tell the Tale, also looks interesting although I haven't done it. The physical cache at the end is smaller though and the area is not as tourist-friendly.

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The reason no one has responded about great places to eat in DC is that there really aren't any.


Since you mentioned beer, however, I'm happy to direct you to the:



1523 22nd Street NW

Washington DC, District of Columbia 20037


They've got over 800 different brands of beer.



War is God's way of teaching Americans geography.


-Ambrose Bierce, writer (1842-1914)

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You really have to go looking for any sort of sizeable hike around here.


A recommended stroll if you have the time is along the Bull Run/Occoquan Trail that runs 17 miles along Bull Run. There are at least 4 caches along this route, the best starting point being in Fountainhead, and you can finish as little or as much as you like.


I second the Burke Lake Park recommendation since there are ~9-10 caches around it's ~4.5 mile perimeter.

Note: you can get in for free by parking at the boat landing which is about 1/4 mile east of the main entrance off of Rt 123.


Scott's Run has 4 caches and provides a scenic view of the Potomac to boot.


Of course there are numerous virtuals around the Mall which is a hike in and of itself. While they may not be everyone's cup of tea, you'll hit most of the major monuments and several other interesting spots along the way if you choose to do the DC virtual dash.


Something hidden. Go and find it. Go, and look behind the Ranges -- Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you . . . Go!

- Rudyard Kipling "The Explorer"

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Looks like I am going to be busy while I am there! Which is a good thing. I've looked at some of the caches listed (still looking at the others) and like what I see.


I look forward to see what other 'favorite' caches people list in the area. I want to try and hit the 'best' ones while I'm there.


Thanks again.

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Originally posted by OUTSID4EVR:

If you want a really nice hike with two caches on the route, check out Caledon Natural Area.







They are better than most caches in the DC area. The natural beauty of this area is well worth the trip!


I would also recommend these two. Another cache in a great park is "Welcome to Westmorland".


What a surprise to see that you logged the same two caches I did yesterday. Must have just missed you.

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Sea_Dog... looks like I just missed you at my first Virginia cache. Funny how that works!


If anyone is interested, I left one of the highly coveted, individually numbered, Oregon geocoins yesterday. They're pretty dang nice.


If you're interested:



Be sure to log it at http://www.cogeo.org if you pick it up. Enjoy!


Viriginia is beautfiul by the way... I'm really having a nice time so far.

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