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Geocaching Event - Lamma Island

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Dear All,


I was wondering if someone is familiar with Lamma Island. Ideally did some Geocaching there before.


I consider taking our management to Lamma Island for a day trip and let them experience/enjoy the fascination of Geocaching, which I believe will be a fun activity and brings the team closer together.


My questions are:


1) Are the caches hard to find ? (we are all beginners - for our occasion I picked Picnic Bay & Ling Kok Shan)


2) Would anyone be interested in joining and act as a kind of guide - my company would be more than happy pay a little money for the favor.


Any help would be much appreciated.


I am looking forward to hear from you.


Kind regards,




P.s. You can also always drop me an email at patrick.luecker@gmail.com

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