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Cacher in Texas needs help with Multi-state Cache


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Hello all,

We are a husband and wife team of cacher's named 2Nutz here in the Fort Worth area of Texas. There is multi-state multi that starts and finishes here that we would very much like to complete. The cache is GCV8A2, TexOhiMarFlor... Uh, land...Oh, This is Nuts!

The cache involves finding cacher's in Dayton area of Ohio, the south Baltimore area of Maryland, and the Niceville/Fort Walton Beach area of Florida. We will form a team under one team name. Rather then me explain all of the intricites of the cache it is easier for those interested to just read the cache description. We are open to suggestion as far a team name. We can be contacted through this forum via private message or our email at mkjgeo@gmail.com

I will also put this post in each one the state regional sub forums.

What we get out finishing this cache is a smiley and the satisfaction of having found the the cache. Everyone else gets the same. Plus you get a state souvenir for Texas when you log a found it, if you don't have one already?

Marty & Kathy


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Ok we have assembled most of a team for this. We still need someone from Dayton Ohio. Anyone? You can get a Texas souvenir out of it.


We have:

Texas - 2Nutz

Ohio - It could be you?!?

Maryland - Zepp914

Florida - DarkAnise

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