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Need help finding a thread about challenge caches


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I read a thread here a while back about challenge caches that I can't seem to re-find. I have used Google to search and I have used the search function for the forums. Obviously my search skillz suck and/or my memory is faulty but I thought I'd ask the community for help...


After the OP, a poster posted a link or two to a couple of crazy hard challenges. Soon after (or maybe the same poster?) posted a link to a challenge cache that was basically just a 'find a cache and sign the log' challenge. Or maybe the link to the easy challenge described very tough challenge requirements. Does this ring a bell to anyone?


Alternatively, if you can post links to extremely difficult or extremely easy challenge caches that would work too. Thanks.

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I'm really crappy at finding threads too, so I'm not much help with that.


However, there are a few things you can do to find caches in your area.


If you know of one challenge cache you can check the bookmark list on it to see if there is a list of challenges in California (since that's where you are).


You can also do a search of caches around you, looking for the word "challenge" in the description.


Here in Washington there are a number of great lists of challenge caches. All I've got to do is find one that's been around a short while and then I can check the bookmark list to find the lists of challenges.


I'll check and see if I can do this for you.

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Okay, I used the new search engine and it worked quite well.


Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there is a great list of challenge caches in CA. Perhaps you might make one.


All you need to do is go to the new search engine and use the filters and type in California and "Challenge" and it gets you a great list.


You can also start with this:




Which is challenges in the US, including some in California.

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Alternatively, if you can post links to extremely difficult or extremely easy challenge caches that would work too. Thanks.


Easy? An Insult to All Challenge Caches comes to mind. Or The Unchallenge Challenge.


Hard? Perhaps that depends on your definition but I'll never do The six western states in one day challenge since there are too many things to do in those states to ever contemplate a road trip like that, or 300+ unknowns in a day because it is so far removed from anything I enjoy about this game.

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