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Well, for one thing, I would refuse to review any cache that required me to unzip a zip file that's provided by an unknown source. Community Volunteer Reviewers are not provided with free laptops that have Signal the Frog logos. Disgruntled geocachers can and do attempt malicious things to infect volunteers' computers, invade their privacy, spam their email accounts, etc.


At my paying job working for a large bank, employees are regularly subjected to social engineering schemes to infect our computers. A malicious zip file was sent to me within the past month. I recognized it as suspect, reported it to our IT Security department, and they confirmed I had detected an attempt to infiltrate our network.


At home I do not have an IT Security department, just commercial Anti-Virus software.


So Groundspeak's decision to include zip files on its list of prohibited file types is to protect the computers used by Community Volunteer Reviewers from risks associated with files which have the potential to infect said computers with some form of malware?


WOW! Is that what came out when you sent Keystone's statement through Google Translate?


What a strange question :huh:


The answer is no.

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