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Mikedx praises everyone for their caching achievments!

Man In The Wild
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But in reality it's MikeDX with the most impressive numbers around.


Sure, Eli and I just reached 200 caches. Most of mine are out of state. I still feel good about my 200, but...


MikeDX has over 100 finds now in West Virginia! Congratulations to MikeDX!


There's a big difference here--the West Virignia caches he's finding usually require a long drive to get one cache, or several long drives to get more caches in a trip. Then, there's usually a mountain in the way or a river to cross. We all know he doesn't believe in boats!


Looks like you're well on your way to finding all of the West Virginia caches--probably about 40 to go... what's next after that?


Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to the #1 finder of caches in the Mountain State!


(It only took me four attempts to get this thing to post... I wish I could stay logged in the site!)

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You certainly got my attention with the 4 threads!


I would like to say that I was really rewarded with my 100th WV cache by hearing a naked woman



but my 101st was exactly the opposite...



That Coopers Rock State Forest is a "happening place"!


Anyway, I at one time thought that maybe I would be able to dust off the WV caches, but there are so many new ones that I'm running out of pins for my map board. But thanks for the kudo's all the same. And I see a week's caching vacation trip around Elkins in my future...

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I'd like to add my kudos for Mikedx. He's always there for help with geocaches and is very unselfish. I really enjoy hunting caches with him, even though sometimes it's very difficult to keep up...ha!


It's really a family affair for him as his mom and both daughters have claimed caches.


Congrats on your 100th WV find!!


"Joy in looking and comprehending

is nature's most beautiful gift."

-Albert Einstein

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I must say congratulations too! icon_cool.gif I know how hard you've worked at this achievement. Sometimes it's a little scary knowing how hard you've worked at it. Fortunately, you're honest enough to let us mere mortals know some of the dangers that are lurking out there for us to be beware of. I really thought you were a little off target on your assesment of this cache, though: Behind Neighborhood History


Good luck on your next 100 WV caches. Of course that means the rest of us are going to have to place a lot more caches out there for you to find...

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