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What's been going on lately?

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Yes, I will reply, because I think it's important that people always know what's going on. Some call it transparency. Some call it fairness.



I guess there's been more angst here than usual, and this has been responded to by the permanent banning of a few members. No one has an exact count. I know of the names of three cachers who have been around in these forums a very long time and none whom I would consider the instigators of the most angst here, but that's just my opinion. They were permanently banned from the forums.


So the problem to me, is that they weren't given warnings or reasons for the banning at that time. They had some history in the past with warnings or small bannings, and instead of being told, "This is your last warning and this is why. After this you will be permanently banned," they just got a note out of the blue that they were permanently banned with no explanation or warning.


I would at least want to know why myself, and I would want the kindness and dignity of having a discussion about it.


So now a lot of people are wondering if it will happen to them out of the blue with no warning and they'll never know what hit them.


There are a lot of "unwritten" forum rules that seem to be part of the issue here. People are trying to figure those out because we like posting here. We like having a geocaching community online to talk to and to ask questions of and feel a part of something big.


Most of us want this to be a fair and kind place. Most of us have fair and kind intentions. We all want to be heard, whether it be our opinion about the latest website update or about how we are treated in the forums, or about the latest really cool geocache that we found.


That's what forums are about. Or usually are. Or something.

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So now a lot of people are wondering if it will happen to them out of the blue with no warning and they'll never know what hit them.


i hear it is a lottery system that improves your opportunities to "win" based on post count. :ph34r:


Actually, experience proves the reverse is true. Higher post counts are more likely to lose. Unless you consider being banned to be a "win".

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