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London Layover

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I hate this. I am currently in Kuwait and heading but to the states on Sunday the 22nd (yes this coming Sunday). I initially had a 12 hour layover in London which would give me PLENTY of time to drop off two travel bugs heading to London.


My flights had changed at the last moment so now I only have less then 4 hours and I am going to be stuck with two travel bugs that is just going to go right back to the United States with me.


So my question is simple. Would it be possible to land in London during my layover, leave the airport, get a taxi, find a Geocache and then head back to check through security and make my flight in time?


Or who lives near the Airport that would like to take two trackables off my hands?


Thanks! Any other advice?

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Opps sorry! I am landing in Heathrow.


I think I agree with Joe, I don't think I have enough time in 4 hours to do all of this.


I am pretty sure I can leave the airport as several of my co-workers on the 14 hour layover was able to leave the airport, do a bus tour, and come back and they have the same passports as I do (US passports). The thing with me is the time needed.


Thanks for all the input!

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