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New search, how do we search for a geocacher ?

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To find a geocacher use




this is a search form that takes usernames, and it will return cachers who don't own caches


this is not a change from the old search.


If you want to find caches hidden by a particular geocacher, on the first page, where it asks for location, enter nothing, just click "add filters". On the filters page, enter the correctly spelled username in the Hidden By field.

Here's what that looks like using your name




Here's the Help Center article on using search


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open Google.

enter the key word you are looking for, and the web site.


Assuming you want to find me, enter "mausebiber site:geocaching.com" into the Google search field

If you want to get all the information about goldriver just enter "goldriver site:geocaching.com"


This works with any expression, User, cache, ...



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