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Waymarks behind the fence

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What are the rules about visiting waymarks that are placed on private property which you can't access?


For example, monumental trees behind the fence?


I suppose, if the tree is direct behind the fence (up to 10 meters) it would be OK, because monumental trees have their protection zone about as wide, so you shouldn't come closer anyway.


But, for example, there's a monumental tree in Warsaw which is on fenced settlement about 50 m from the fence. It is still quite good visible and with zoom you can shoot a good photo, and it's on the official govermnent list of nature monuments, but isn't 50 m too far to acknowledge waymark 'visited'?


Where lies the border?

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For me it kind of depends on the object being waymarked and its visibility. I waymark many historic houses that are private but are clearly visible from the street and have no problem with that even though they may be a couple hundred feet from the street however I would not waymark a sculpture that is located in front of the house.

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