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Traveling Cache

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I can't recall any explicit mention of them in any version of the Guidelines. Perhaps someone with a better wayback machine can find a reference. The phenomenon was fairly brief, so it might be that the concept slipped in between various versions of the Guidelines, and the "code of conduct" for the concept was more a gentleman's agreement, and not so much an absolute declaration on how things would be handled.


There were only a couple that were active in my area for any extended period of time, and it was generally agreed (and codified in the Description), that updates would be in the individual log entries, and the cache owner would update the coordinates on the page as best they could (but not generally relied upon).

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Traveling caches were prohibited in the March 2003 update of the guidelines:


Cache Permanence

caches that have the goal to move (...) will not be approved.


Before that ...


I don't think they were specifically addressed. Conventions arose based upon other standards and guidelines. For example, one might ask "how is someone supposed to find this cache if the coordinates are in Akron, Ohio and it could actually be anywhere in the world". One answer would be to update the cache coordinates when the cache was moved. Not doing so would be more an issue of "cache maintenance" than anything specific to travelling caches. Similarly, if there's a rainstorm and a traditional cache floats a mile downstream and someone finds it and stashes it behind a rock ... I'd expect the cache to eventually be archived unless the CO changed the coordinates (or someone returned the cache to the original location).


But there were travelling caches published with other standards and conventions. Another answer to the question above might be "cache is within 50 miles of the posted coordinates, read the logs to figure out exactly where".


And I'm sure there were others ...

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Noticed which cache you were kinda hinting at and yeah...

Since coords have changed only twice, by a Reviewer, instead of the CO (by another Reviewer's own log...) since it came out in '02, you did as Greatland Reviewer stated, bringing it to his attention.


Found three more that ended up passed around at Pi events today.

- That watchlist thing...

With another thread just weeks ago, sorta surprised if the whole lot's not turned into trackables soon.

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It's a weird item. Groundspeak should allow adoption so the few remaining can continue and be maintained.


The whole passing around also goes against rules. But that may be a per cache rule.


Find. Move. Post new coords. Technically, each person finding at an event should post new coords in their log.


I once went to event where coordinator of event had a door prize where one winner was provided the coords of a moving cache before anyone else.

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