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How about this backpacking trip?

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I was reading how Brian had asked about anyone interested in a backpacking trip. Kinda got me thinking. Would anyone want to do a lengthy hike of the Palisades? There are a good 8 or 9 caches hidden north of the PIP HQ, and that's also where most of the abandoned mansions are too. I could turn it into a walking tours of the mansions if you want. I consider myself decently knowledgeable on the mansions and history of the park (it is rather interesting)


I might even be able to get the director of the Park to give the hike, but I'm leary of that because a) it'd be lengthy, more so then i think his tours normalyl are, and ;) I'm not sure that he knows about the geocaches and worry it might get them forcibly removed.


The most logical hike would be to start at the HQ, head oast john ringlings, up to Big Bill's caches, catch the Library on 9W, then down to AD Giant Stairs, then back along the waters edge. It would likely be 4 miles one way, and the trip back would be the most difficult. We could simply leave some cars at the end to come back in to make it easier.




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