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Washington: Bigfoots Search GeoTour!

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The elusive and mysterious Sasquatch have finally arrived at a human community...


And it is not just one, but an entire clan of these creatures who have chosen to settle in the picturesque community of North Bonneville Washington! They are all part of the Bonneville Bigfoots Search GeoTour! We invite you to set out along the community's 2-mile paved Bigfoot Discovery Interpretive Trail where 10 of these Bigfoots of various sizes and personalities are hiding out with caches. Along the trail you will learn the story on why these Bigfoots choose to settle here along with descriptions on the many things that make this area so unique. Additionally, the tour wraps up at the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort where you can take in one of their many relaxing amenities after your search if you are so inclined. North Bonneville Washington is located in the heart of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge about 35 miles east of Portland Oregon.


See how many Bigfoots you can find and let us know about your experience here!









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I had a great time with some pals hunting these BigFeet (is that the plural of BigFoot?) after some camping nearby at Panther Creek. We also had a great time eating the blackberries that some of them liked to hide near. :-)

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