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11th International Math Trade


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(Most of the following text was written by E&Cplus3 in earlier mathtrades and just slightly changed, thank you Chuck!).


Ok, here we go! Sign in this 11th International Mathtrade by sending your info to


mathtrade10@web.de (this is not a mistake, I just want to use this email address, that I generated last year)


I will need your:


- Caching Name

- Real Name

- FULL Mailing Address (including Country!)

- Email Address


I will then send you the Link to the Google spreadsheet in which you can submit your coins! If you don't get an email within 3 days just let me know.


The trade will be divided into four phases:


1. Coin submission - entering your trade offers into the spreadsheet (ends March 29th)


2. Regroup - reorganize your coin submissions to create groups (ends April 5th or earlier)


3. Want list submission - create your wish lists! (ends May 2nd or earlier)


4. Trading! - trade list generated and emailed to you (starts May 4th if all goes well!)


Please respect the following rules:


1. This is an international trade - only take part in it if you are willing to pay for a possible overseas shipment of your coins! Remember that in theory each coin that you trade away may have to be sent to a different destination, within or outside of your own country.


2. You can list both trackable and non-trackable coins. If nothing is mentioned in the Remarks column, the coin will be assumed to be trackable and unactivated. In all other cases the status of the coin needs to be specified in the Remarks column. Activated coins are only allowed if they will be offered up for adoption (with the exception of Lackey and Moun10bike coins, obviously :D).


3. Participants may only submit one coin of any one edition (same coin with same finish/colour/etc) to trade. Duplicates are not allowed.


4. Please make sure you adhere to the deadlines shown above! Any edit after a deadline will be ignored!


5. Please try to keep your list to 50 coins or less!



Keep an eye on this thread - I will use it to post additional information/clarifications whenever needed!


Of course you can also use it to post any questions or remarks.




A More Detailed Explanation:


Q. What is a geocoin math trade? What makes it different from a 'normal' trade?


A. In a ' normal' trade, person A gives coin X to person B and person B give coin Y to person A. Sometimes person A wants a coin that person B has, but has nothing that interests person B to give in return. In that case person A could go looking for a person C to arrange a trade to get a coin from person's B want list. In a math trade you don't have to hunt for a 'person C' -- the software will do this for you! The math trade software will find optimal 'trade chains', some of which may involve just the regular 2 coins, while other 'trade chains' that are part of the same math trade may involve 3, 4, 5 or even more coins.


Q. I feel uncomfortable listing coin offers without knowing what I'll receive in return for them. Why would I do this?


A. You will be the one to decide what you'll get in return. After everyone has listed their coin offers, you can go through the total list of offers and make a want list for every coin you have offered. If you are not interested in trading one of your coins for any of the listed offers, you will simply use an empty want list for it, so that your coin won't be traded at all.


Q. What if someone offers a coin that I REALLY want? Is there a way that I can maybe offer 2 of my coins in exchange for this coveted coin?


A. Yes, there is. After Phase 1 (entering coin offers), we will enter Phase 2 (regrouping). During this phase you have a chance to look closely at the coins that are being offered, and if there are coins you would really want to get, you could try and create a more interesting offer by grouping two or more of your coins into one offer. If you group coin X and Y together, then these will not be traded separately, but as one single unit, for which you can decide (during the want list submission phase) what you want to trade them for.


(Detailed instructions for this regrouping will follow once we hit that phase (but don't worry, it's actually quite simple).


Q. Two or more people have listed one specific coin that I like. But if I include both in my want lists for, say, two of my coins, I risk ending up with 2 copies of the same coin. Is there a way to prevent this?


A. Yes, there is (a more verbose answer will follow at the appropriate time).

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I've just sent an invitation to all who registered so far. If you haven't received any email, please let me know.


It is truly an international math trade. We have 30 math traders so far (from Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, Poland, Australia, Netherlands)

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Gah! Now I can access it, but not enter data!


I have no idea why some were able to enter their coins and some not (you were not the only one!) I changed the setting of the document and hope it works now. Please let me know if you still have problems.

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Gah! Now I can access it, but not enter data!


I have no idea why some were able to enter their coins and some not (you were not the only one!) I changed the setting of the document and hope it works now. Please let me know if you still have problems.

Wooo!! I can enter my coins now :) Thanks!

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I'm going to skip this Mathtrade. I have a whole bunch of events to go to this year where I'll be trading with people in person, and I don't have the extra coins to trade by mail.


I'll keep a watch out for the next Mathtrade though, if another happens at the end of the year.


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Till now there are only 13 Users who has entered the coins.

Not so much time left. :rolleyes:


More than two weeks... Loads of time! :laughing:


+1 ... we have an event this weekend and normally sell a few coins locally.


Will post ours after the event !! :)


+1 ... I'll do it at the beginning of the week. Don't have that many but I may get lucky :rolleyes:

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So far we have in total 41 mathtraders (including me) from the following countries:

20 Germany

10 USA

3 Canada

4 Netherlands

2 Spain

1 Poland

1 Australia


243 coins are listed up to now but I'm sure a lot more will be added until the 29th of March. Don't miss the fun, you can still register, if you haven't so far

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