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Category for nature reserves, ponds, city parks and glacial erratics?

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I very enjoy visiting the following objects:


- nature reserves

- ponds and city parks

- glacial erratics


but I have a bit problem finding a right category for them. For example, I've found some erratics on Waymarking, but they were for speicial US-only category for glacial objects.


Which are the proper category for them?

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City parks can go to Municipal Parks and Plazas.


Nature reserves are accepted in Public Access Land. For this reason it currently has little chance to become an own category. I personally do not like this and do not post any, because this very American concept does not match the continental European situation at all. But it's an option, if you like.


A Ponds category has recently been denied. Sorry! If large enough, it could maybe qualify for Natural Lakes?


Glcial Erratics? Maybe Places of Geological Significance? I am not very familiar with this category. Check the Expanded description and if there already is something similar!

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I would go with Places of Geological Significance. i put things here that might go into a earthcache on geocaching.

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