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Advice on degugging a cartridge on iPhone please


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I've been working on a Wherigo which does this:


After starting up I display a messagebox with two buttons. One says 'Set up zones'. When I click Set up zones it gets the player's current location and plots 11 zones.

10 zones are immediately hidden and inactive but one zone (starting zone) is set to visible and active

The player then has to go to the start zone read a few messages and then the 10 other zones all become active and the the game play continues...


Anyway, this all works perfectly in the emulator and on my Samsung Galaxy S4 using WhereYouGo. It even appears to work on my Oregon 550 - the 10 zones show in locations.

When I tried it on the iPhone 5s, the cartridge starts up OK but just crashes as soon as I click 'Set up zones'

No message or anything.

I thought I'd look for some clues in the log file but the iPhone doesn't seem to create any. (I have got UseLogging=true)





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It would be helpfull to see, how you are creating the zones. There must be a function, which isn't supported by the iPhone player. Perhaps you could post the code of the function here or send it to me and I try to look into it, what's could be wrong. Or you send your code to the iPhone player author.

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So, now I solved the problem. It is the line


zcharacterOfficialLookingPerson.ObjectLocation = drawZone(zoneOfficialLookingPerson,pl,dist/2,180)

and specially the "dist/2". Don't make calculations with Wherigo.Distance() on iPhone. This works on Emulator and Garmins (they could multiply and divide distances with plain numbers) and on WhereYouGo (don't know about a special object distance, so all operations are possible), but not on iPhone. So create the following


local dist2 = Wherigo.Distance(field_of_play_radius/2, 'm')
zcharacterOfficialLookingPerson.ObjectLocation = drawZone(zoneOfficialLookingPerson,pl,dist2,180)

and it will work on iPhones too.


Best regards,

Dirk (Charlenni)

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