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Great minds think alike


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I've had caches in the past, where I've approached with a GPSr in hand, and spotted it from 20m away cos there was a rock or a stick that was not quite right. But recently I was out for a walk, I hadn't planned on doing the series of 25 caches I was walking past, as I was concentrating on the walk that day. But I stopped for a cuppa, and while sat enjoying the view, a thought occurred to me.


. o O ( This would be a good place for a geocache )


Followed shortly there after by


. o O ( If I was to hide a cache here, I would put it under that rock... the one that looks slightly placed )


I lifted the rock up, and what did I find underneath? A geocache...


It's nice to know great minds think alike. Has anyone else had something similar happen?



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I've not been a regular cacher for some years now. I was in Menorca for a few weeks last autumn and went to look at an old quarry with my brother in law. I was looking at the info board at the entrance to the quarry when I saw a a suspicious looking pile of stones behind it, in the undergrowth.



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I was sitting on a bench with Mrs F having a picnic lunch very close to a cache I had placed, so there could not possibly be a cache nearby could there? Part way through the snack Mrs F said "That looks like a cache", pointing to a soggy lookking camo bag on the next bench. Well eventually we opened it to find it was a cache. It had been washed downstream in the floods last year. Someone must have fished it out and left it to dry. Luckily we were able to return it to its owner.

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So far this hasn't happened to us. Maybe one day ?. We don't often meet other cachers when out geocaching, but today we met 2 lots at two different parks. A bonus for us I love meeting others when we are out.

Now I will be looking at all piles of stones twigs etc when out walking wherever we are even if we are not caching at that point ?

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