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Elkins, WV cachers meeting.


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When we asked around for the meeting in Charleston, there wasn't much response for those on the east side. We are planning on having another later (maybe a cookout). If there was any interest from the eastern side of the state, I would suggest moving it to Sutton, which is the center of the state. I realize that it's further for you, but I'm not aware of that much interest in your area.

Of course it's up to you, and if you get the response and have it I'll try to come up. But statistically, the majority of WV cachers are west of Sutton.



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Hi WVDan. Man this is too cool icon_cool.gif. I am only picky at you about the copycat thing by the way. I think it is just flippin great that more WV folks are coming out of the Geocaching woods and hitting the forums.


I have to agree with Mikedx seems most of us are over here, but you hang tuff man. I wish you the best of luck with you meeting and would love to come up to it myself. We discussed a late spring or early summer caching cookout event. We talked about the Sutton thing which Mikey boy seems to like alot and I have to agree it has merrit. When we get more bugs worked out and our minds made up more as to when where and how I will let you in on it for sure.


Maybe if you get a good showing we can do two events this summer and not worry as much about central. Let us know how it goes. Take care and good luck.


The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

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Hey WVDan, 106 near Woodrums you say. How near and what area. My family is all from out that way. Would love to meet you and go out to Woodrums. I am thinking of going this weekend (SUnday) and look for some cache sites on the dam side of the lake.


The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

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