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Dakota 20 not downloading all caches

Rainbow Spirit

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I am having a problem with my Dakota 20 not always downloading my individually loaded caches. Sometimes all is fine, other times not. As an example I downloaded 33 caches last night one at at time, (each one supposedly was successfully loaded) when I got on site early next morning only two caches showed up as caches I could find! Does anyone have some advice please?

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I like to read each cache page before I download so I can avoid caches that may be MIA if there is a long list of DNFs, or if there is some other problems.


I just click the send to your GPS button, and click the write button when it comes up with my found GPS code.


This is my second Dakota 20, the first one never had this problem, now I have to remember to check the caches loaded list before I depart, something I didn't do this time. When I got back I connected the GPS back to the computer and went back to the cache pages and opened one of the missing caches, clicked send to GPS, and clicked the write button, it came up with the notice that it was already loaded! When I clicked the OK button to over ride the first so called download all went well. Most strange indeed.

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I use Delorme PN60. I find that if I use the send to GPS function on the site some problems may happen.

(1) If you load up many caches with the same name but at the end a slight difference. you can overwrite a previous load.

Example: Hillside City Park- Elk River City Parks 26 GC35AH9.

My unit sorts caches by name not GC number. So if I load up Hillside City Park- Elk River City Parks 27,it will over write number 26.

The name is too long so the tail end of the name is ignored. Now I know the Etrex sorts by GC number. I do not know how the Dakota sorts.

This long name thing is a Delorme thing and known about. Now if I do a pocket query then the long name thing is corrected somehow.

(2) With a Delorme a hexadecimal issue will pop up due to symbols in the cache name. This drives the unit nuts, this only happens with the send to GPS function.

If you run a pocket query then the hex.issue is corrected and all is ok then. What is up with your unit? I do not know, maybe even poor conection cable to computer.

Maybe any of the issues I have stated, or could be your computer too. Good luck

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Since some loaded and others didn't I doubt this is your problem but I've finally figured out why this has happened to me a couple times with my E-trex.


I have a couple times found an update when I connected the unit to the computer so I diownloadedthe update and then downloaded the caches I wanted. Problem was I didn't stop after downloading and start the unit giving it a chance to actually update the unit before downloading the caches. Later in the field when I went to start the unit it would then update the unit and when I finally got to try to find the cache it didn't show on the map. However, when I got back home the cache was listed in the GPX file -- just not on the map.

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