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A SUPER Mystery coin!


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Being a little tired from working construction in the cold all day, I wasn't feeling too super when I got home. But what's this ??? A bubble mailer ??? What a great surprise this coin is to receive today !!! Thank You Very Much mystery coin sender, you have a big heart and you are a SUPER person to do something like this. We feel honored to receive this gift... You made our day !!! :D

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10996169_643549742415931_2317598225197115678_n.jpg?oh=5783c3326fb17d5e5b96faf9cd7ee9b4&oe=558BC9F1&__gda__=1434911643_497b7a16a742f02a2d1bffb7e1e2767c10394520_643549739082598_7355656525348669402_n.jpg?oh=35750f16eeca9074aa8a2b4624550979&oe=554DB18A&__gda__=1435278595_efaeff5c04d0cbc1dff0229f201805acI got a mystery Geocoin in the mail today addressed to me from me. Whoever you are, Thank you for thinking of me. You Are A Real Super Hero. Your The Best! Thank You for making me smile :) Keep On Caching! ~Valarie of sweetlife, I sure feel the love and the friendship! Edited by sweetlife
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drneal - How come you're posting this coin in this thread? I don't understand.


Obviously a mild-mannered coin like this one could have no link to the heroic coin others have been posting. This one looks like the sort of geocoin you'd find at a newspaper office, or something...




Edit: spelling.

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