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Access Token problems communicating with GSAK


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I recently changed my password on geocaching.com and as a result my GSAK cannot access the API. I tried to get a new access token, but here's the problem: my Internet Explorer, which can access every other website I've tried, cannot access geocaching.com. This is all within a virtual machine (Windows XP) I'm running within Parallels on my Mac.


What's really odd is that I can ping the site and Firefox can access geocaching.com, but Internet Explorer 8 only gives me the window saying that it cannot display the webpage, that "it appears you are connected to the Internet, but you might want to try to reconnect to the Internet." I currently have no anti-virus software running in Parallels, scripts are allowed, and I even tried adding https://www.geocaching.com to IE's list of trusted sites. I can access other sites and can pull up pages that aren't secure (such as individual cache pages on geocaching.com) but I can't get to the log in page or to anything on the site beginning with https. Of course, because GSAK relies solely on Internet Explorer to access the API, this inability to connect cripples GSAK's access to geocaching.com via the API.


Does anyone have any experience with IE and geocaching.com not playing nicely together or have any ideas about what else I can try and how I can get a new access token for my copy of GSAK and/or be able to get IE to access geocaching.com?

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In IE delete any and all cookies for Groundspeak.

(You could also delete any and all cookies for GSAK)


Then in GSAK, get another Access Token.


There is a thread in the GSAK forums...


I've tried all of those instructions in that thread of the GSAK forum but still get the same response in Internet Explorer (version 8.0.6001.18702).


Firefox has no problem connecting to geocaching.com, but of course GSAK uses IE only.

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Not directly related to your issue, captainmath, but your last comment caught my attention. Even if you have 'removed' IE from this machine (using Add/Remove Windows Components - the Internet Explorer box is unchecked and says 0.0MB) ... GSAK STILL finds a way to bring it up as a browser instead of Firefox. Probably because the Windows 'removal' doesn't actually delete iexplore.exe, and it's still there for GSAK to call.


If you go to the internal FAQ section of GSAK related to this, it reports as follows, which explains why you MUST sort out the IE issue since you're stuck with it as an interface to GSAK. It won't use anything else:



24. My default is FireFox (or Chrome or somehing other than IE), so why does GSAK use IE?


The split screen needs to be able to render HTML code, so GSAK must use something to convert all HTML code for viewing. When including support for this, you can't just grab a browser and place it in your application. There must be a wrapper (active X, api, whatever) to provide two way communication with the browser so the HTML code can be rendered and displayed inside the application. Microsoft have provided an API for IE, whereas none of the other browsers have provided a similar API. Displaying the information outside the application is easy, because there is no need to communicate with the browser directly to render the display - the browser does that for you. Because the application does not need to render the HTML we can just tell Windows to open the file with the default application and hence your default browser displays the file. GSAK is written in Delphi, and Delphi provides a wrapper around the native Microsoft API for IE. That is why GSAK uses IE in the split screen. Note: Even if all the other browsers did provide an API to communicate with them I doubt I would add support for each one in the split screen. They are all bound to have their own little quirks, adding extra support burden and just using the API is often not trivial.

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