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C1700 english listed buildings

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Hi, I have some fantastic old buildings which I would like to waymark. They are English Listed buildings c1700, some business premises, others houses. I have found the pre-Victorian category, but they don't really seem to fit there as they are the old English buildings with the timber frames (chocolate box cottages etc). Could someone point me in the right direction as to where I could post them. Thanks

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What do you mean by: English listed?


National Trust > Category

English heritage > Category

Thatched > Category

Pre-Victorian > Category


Entry in Wikipedia? > Category


Got a date on? Dated Buildings. (More for cornerstones, but I think if the date is in the brickwork/woodwork it counts)

Got a Plaque? Signs of History (I think?)

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The one I am particularly interested in, is Admaston Farm Farmhouse. It hasn't got a date on it anywhere, so it can't fall into the Dated buildings category. Although it is English Heritage Listed Grade II, it is privately owned, so I don't think it would fall into English Heritage as it is not owned or managed by them. I also don't think would fit into the Pre-Victorian category as their category states the proprty must be "Historic House, We are looking for those which are significant in history". I don't think this farmhouse had any significant role in history, except that it is a wonderful example of a early C17 timber-framed house. It's listing can be found here : http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/en-362459-admaston-farm-farmhouse-wrockwardine- I don't think it would fall into thatched cottages either as it hasn't got a thatched roof (although it may have had one originally?).


Thanks for you reply, any more help would be much appreciated.


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English Heritage 'List' buildings. They don't necessarily own the ones they list. :(


Often easier to look to photograph to fit a category, than see which category your photos will fit.


Stay tuned, someone may have another suggestion...



Possible Waymarks.

Looking at the map shows:


Methodist Churches > Category

Post Offices > Category

Pubs and Inns > Category

Village Pound? > Category


Just checked. See you've had a good go at Waymarking around the area! :laughing:

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