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Vacation in the U.K.

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Hello fellow geocachers. I will be in Scotland and England May 16 through May 30. I was hoping to meet up with a fellow cacher in the Perthshire area the first week, as we will be staying at a timeshare on Loch Rannoch. Maybe grab a couple caches, maybe trade some pathtags....Second week will be mostly running around London...same deal. :) LOL

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There's a regular monthly pub event organised in London, usually towards the end of the month, so if you check for London events before you leave you will probably find one on while you're there, they're very friendly and well attended.

Thanks!! I will try. I have much more time to cache in Scotland but would love to sit and chat as well. Looking forward to it.

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In case you're not already aware, Mon 25th May 2015 is Spring Bank Holiday in Scotland and England. The week beginning Mon 25th May is half term holiday, which means schools are closed, so pupils and teachers are on holiday, so attractions, transport, accommodation etc will be busier than usual. Not being either a teacher, nor a parent, I tend to avoid holiday locations that week, because I can visit at other times. However, it's not so bad, so you shouldn't be discouraged. Rannoch Moor is a wonderful bleak place, but only go if you have a map, compass and skills, not just a GPS, as batteries can run out, and the safest place to cross a stream [usually called a burn in Scotland] is not usually when following an arrow on a GPS.

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