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Phaistos Geocoin

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During our holiday at Crete (Greece), we visited some ancient remains of the city of knossos.

There we found some really insteresting info about the ancient civilization of the island.

At home, we worked this out into a coin; the Phaiston Geocoin.

the coin.


Production will be ready in february or march.

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excellent job my friend!!!! :)


yes... the red-gold one is... amazing!! :) hmm.. will you have a blue- silvr version too? ;) Minoans probably had a strong navy! they didn't have any walls to protect their cities (knossos was the biggest one and its king was the strongest), probably because they were not afraid anyone! their nave was protecting the island! ;)


lovely Greek theme coin! :)

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I have just received my set of Phaistos geocoins. I had to order the whole set, because I could not choose from the pictures. Now I cannot choose when they are already in my hand! :rolleyes: They are so beautiful! Wonderful design very nicely executed. I think I like the Minos (As-blue) and the Prometheus (AS-G) the most, but also the Pasiphae (brown-gold AE) and the AS-black (what is the name for that?).

Thank you for these great coins!


I just looked at the trailer hoping to figure out what the AS-black coin is called. It seems that the some names changed after the production of the film. I do not have a Dionysos, Ariadne, Deadalus, but I have Minos and Prometheus, that I did not notice on the film. :-) You have so many leftover names, do you plan to come out with more color versions? :) I guess if you keep taking names from Greek mythology you can come up with a 1000 other coin. :P

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