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Norwegian Vikings Geocoin


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Norwegian Vikings Geocoin is a big geocoin with Vikings theme.





This coin was made after an idea to create a larger coin than usual. Soon found out that this would be a special project, a project that require interest from more countries than Norway. However, would still think there should be a Norwegian coin. The choice fell upon Vikings.


After 6 months with 8 proposals on the design, it was this design that won.


The coin has a Viking motive, but the text "never get lost" may as well fit geocachers.

This is the first in a series coin, it will be 4 smaller coins with Viking motifs.


Facts about the Coin:


Size: 60 mm Diameter

Thickness: 6mm

Weight: 86g


Front: Viking Ship* Elder Futhark which constitute the text "Never Get Lost"


Rear: The character in the middle was used by the Vikings and means "Never Get lost."* The characters around is runic alphabet known as the Elder Futhark.


Total number of Coins: 300


First round is soon sold out, but new ones are ordered.


This can be ordered by sending mail to coin@tevjen.no

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Production has gone faster than anticipated, and that's good.

Those who have purchased and waiting for this coins. They will be sent today.


Do you still not ordered this?


Price $ 18 or € 16 per item.

Porto $ 13 or € 12 (1-3 coins)


Send a mail to coin@tevjen.no


The following information must be included in the email




The number of coins and the edition


You will get an email with payment information back.


It is not certain it will be another Printing of this when I have other coins I want to create.


In stock;

Gold 46

Silver 50

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One must keep his wife happy. So here's Wife edition of the coin. It is Antique Silver with navy blue background 4 stars in the sky (night sailing). It is now possible to order. It comes about 2-3 weeks.



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