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I Think I'm Doing Something Wrong With My Oregon 600

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I didn't use my Oregon 600 for a month or so after I got a 64S. Since there was a firmware upgrade I thought I'd give it another try. I loaded it up with some caches (via GSAK) that were about 40 miles from home but when I got to the location, most of the caches weren't shown on the unit. No problem, as I had the other GPS with me.


So today I was experimenting and loaded 200+ caches from a power trail. I looked at the 600 and it only showed three of the bunch, two about 30 miles away and one that was 72 miles. I tried loading it again; set it to 'clear GPS before sending' again and got the exact same result. If I scroll to the map location, only those three are there.


I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but don't know what as it worked okay before. Before all this started I cleared the caches by going into the 600's file system and deleted all the .gpx and ggz files. When I connect the 600 to my laptop it automatically pops up the unit's files. When I look in the file system now, there is cache data in both the .ggz and .gpx folders.


What am I doing wrong?

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To me, this sounds like the cache index corruption problem common to many Garmin handhelds. If that is the case, it can be resolved by removing all GPX/GGZ files and booting with no GPX/GGZ files. Then shut down, reinstall the files and reboot. This will force the unit to rebuild the index. If you have your files installed on a SD card, you can accomplish this by removing the card, booting, reinstalling the card and rebooting.

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If I scroll to the map location, only those three are there.

There are a lot of nice filters on the 600, and it's super easy to even accidentally set some of them. Cache size, type, etc. Is it possible that caches are being filtered out? I once hid some caches from view just by hanging the GPSr from a belt loop and walking :anicute:. Now I have a decent clamshell case to prevent that.


[Not necessarily related to cache filtering]: I had to do a bunch of customizing to get the Oregon (I own a couple different models) to be suitable for Geocaching, and my 650T was no exception. Factory settings aren't always ideal (even the factory "Geocaching" profile), and as mentioned, you may save custom menu settings as a Profile.

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Thanks Guys! I knew I had the profile right but didn't know about the cache index problem that alandb mentioned. I think I had a problem with that, coupled with some filter anomalies. I had checked the filters and thought they were right but somehow they changed a bit on the difficulty spectrum. How the difficulty had changed I have no idea as I specifically checked them and they were set for the full range.


Between the two, it's showing all the caches now! Thanks Much!!

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