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I notice in the posts that I have read, most of you are using Gamin. Is there a reason for this. I have a Magellan MAP330 and love it. I have used only one other GPS which was a Garmin but it belonged to someone else and I did get too used to it. Just wondering if there was some reason for everyone choosing Garmin units.

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My first GPSr was the basic Garmin eTrex yellow. I purchased it because at the time it only cost $89 delivered. We got used to the interface and the one handed operation. So when it was time to upgrade my wife bought a Vista for me. I don't like change much (it's because of the business I'm in) so staying with the same style is just natural.


In closing I bought Garmin because I'm cheap!!




As always, the above statements are just MHO.


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