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Laptop and GPS Tracking

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I'm working on several challenges and I would like to be able to track my current location on my laptop. I know that Microsoft Streets and Trips offers this, as long as you have a version that comes with their GPS Receiver. My version does not. However, I have several handhelds and a Nuvi. One of the challenges I am trying to complete is a Thomas Guide Challenge. I am able to show the Thomas Guide page corners on a map, but MS S&T does not see USB connections. The program wants the GPS attached via Com port. Help!

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If you even have a serial port you can get a serial to usb adapter. A Com port can also be a usb as well. Are the gps drivers loaded? I used to use my streets a d trips with a Magellan gps through usb in 2000. So I do not know how old your system is.. the other option maybe is to let the gps track your travels then download the track to the program to get what you need?

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I just remembered the Garmin software nRoute is still available for download Here.


nRoute is the Garmin software program that allows for auto-routing on a laptop computer, with a Garmin GPS unit. However, you must already have a MapSource product running on your computer for nRoute to work.


I installed nRoute again tonight to test it on my Dell laptop and it works great with my 62sc. I think I had to change the Interface setting to Spanner (I played with several things and forget) to get it to install the driver before it connected via USB. See if this is a solution for you.

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GPSGate is the best solution for managing the data. Allows you to use COM port or Garmin USB format device and convert to whatever the program requires as input. It allows you to also share the date between multiple programs. Works great. I've used it for years. I use its own built in logger to save the tracklogs and whatever program that is wanted to view location in real time.



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