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Was anyone caching nr Rydal Caves/Grasmere in the Lakes today (15 Jan)?


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A post from the 'I Love the Lakes' Facebook group:


Urgent Warning, please read this... I want to let you all know that we had a very suspicious encounter today. We walked from White Moss along the shore of Rydal Water and turned upwards at the end towards the caves. We were overtaken at speed by two men who didnt say anything to us. We passed them as we now believe they were pretending to look at the lower caves as we passed to go in to the higher cave. We thought nothing more at the time and walked up and over to Grasmere via the terrace with our three dogs. We stopped on the beach at Grasmere and without warning these two men appeared at speed again, not on a path, but jumping over the terraces to be behind us. Then they slowed down to our slower speed. My husband was alerted and told me to stop. at this point i was unaware that we were probably being followed but because of the urgency in his voice i stopped. There was no one else around. The two men stopped about 4 feet away from us and did not pass us, they didnt say anything. I became scared and didnt know what we should do. Out of the woods at the opposite end of the beach came two cyclists that none of us had seen. At this point i said to my husband turn around and walk the way that we had come and we did. The two men stood and watched us and the cyclists came the same we we had turned to. We were watched as we scarpered as fast as we could. Why did they stop? why did they not speak? We decided it was serious enough to tell the police so drove to Ambleside but it was closed and then to Windermere that was also closed. We called 101 and gave all the info we had to a woman that was just not interested as all she could say that a crime had not been committed... it may well have not been but our concern was that there seemed to be an intent and the next people may not be so lucky... descriptions of the two men are.... 1 - man about 40, slim build, 5"8", very scruffy unkempt shoulder lengthy brown hair, dark olive skin, wearing a brown camouflage top and walking boots... not sure what he was wearing on his legs. 2- younger man about 25-30, very pale, a couple of inches taller, wearing a woolly hat with various coloured stripes on it, dark jacket and walking boots.. they looked like they may have been travellers etc to us. I am very concerned that they may have been trying to steal our dogs, or mug us. We are relatively young and strong and someone else may not be so lucky. If anyone knows a friendly bobby in Keswick please pass this on. My husband is 6"2" tall and an ex rugby player and was anxious... please be safe and spread this....


One of the replies suggested they may have been geocachers but I pointed out it didn't sound like it, but thought I'd check and see if anyone was up there today. There are a few caches nearby but their behaviour doesn't sound like cachers to me.


Either way, please be aware if you're in this area.

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