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BrianSnat tops 100 finds in the snow


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Thanks all! I was going for the record of taking the longest time to reach 100. Only took me a year and a half! Magoo reached 100 in 3 days, or something like that. It's been a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who placed the caches! I think I'll get to 200 sometime before 2010.


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What is more important than the 100 caches is what you have contributed to the game of geocaching.

1. You have helped all of us on the forum.

2. You hid a number of real quality caches. Our favorite, Pyramid Mountain Roaming Cache.

3. Your contributions to the May 2002 geocacher’s picnic was outstanding.



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Originally posted by etoast66:


I'm down here on Maryland's Eastern Shore where the caches are few and far apart.

Make sure ya hit the 3 caches in Killen's Pond State Park, DE on your way home. Nice little walk.


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Congratulations Brian,

Personally, I can't think of anyone who has contributed more to my enjoyment of this hobby than you have. All of your caches have been challenging, well planned, and entertaining. (Well, except maybe that lame roadside one icon_wink.gif)


So which will come next, your 200th find or you 100th hide?


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