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What's the easiest way to calculate moving speed?


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Create a countdown timer with 5 s and a variable for last position. When starting the timer, init the variable with the position of the player. In timer tick calculate the distance to the last position and save the new position to the variable (for next calculation). Now you have a walked distance in meters and a time of 5 s. distance * 720 is the speed in km/h of the player. Check this result. If it is ok, start timer again. If not, do whatever you want.

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Sorry for ikstupid question: but how do this in Urwigo? Is possible in Urwigo to calculate speed like in this case? (sorry for my english).

I would like avoid cheatning (e.g geocacher should walk from zone A to zone B in 5 min. The use of bicycles is prohibited)

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