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Lisbon caches disabled?

Oxford Stone
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I'm delighted to be back in Lisbon 19-22 January for a conference, after a lovely family trip in late 2013.


Strange to look at the GC map of Lisbon and see Team Ribeiro (and another team)'s caches all disabled since 3/1 "while CO is inactive".


I know I can still find the caches but wondered what was going on?

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Do you know when this will be fixed?

I'm going to be staying on the Costa de Caparica and just looked in horror at how most the caches there are disabled. Looks like 1000s of disabled caches. Clearly the disabling of their accounts happened several weeks ago and nothing seems to have been resolved. I hope it gets sorted before I head although I guess the caches are still there as people are still finding them. It will just make it harder to spot those that are really in need of maintenance from those that are fine. I wonder what's going on that has made Groundspeak freeze the accounts of some of the main cachers in Lisbon!?

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Hi to all.

You can go to the caches, but you may cheek first them before you went to a specif place.

I not sure about the present story but it is something between the ground force and some of the owners.


Are there any news about the disabled caches? It's really a pitty!!

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