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Caching During Hunting Season


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In Pennsylvania, law requires hunters to wear a minimum of 250 sq. in. of orange on the head, chest and back. In fact, there are periods during November and December where it is illegal not to wear orange when on the state game lands regardless your activity. Also, if you're concerned about safety while on the state game lands, especially during large game seasons, consider limiting your caching activities to Sunday. I believe most hunting (with the exception of coyoties, crows and foxes) is prohibited on Sundays.


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Absolutely wear enough blaze orange to be seen from any direction. Yesterday on the news a bowhunter was shot by a 10 year old deer hunter with a gun in New Hampshire. He was hit in the arm and leg, and I guess will live, and the incident is under investigation. Methinks this 10 year old needs a bit more instruction. Maybe if we all wear large signs saying "I'm a Human - not a Target" in bold colors? All hunters should have their eyes checked before being issued a license in my opinion. How about the guy who shot a girl's horse .....while she was riding it....from his front porch? Or the guy who proudly announced in the bar that he shot a 900 pound deer, only to be arrested for shooting the farmer's cow. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy venison. It's the people I worry about.

Can you see me now?



I cache, therefore I am.



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Planet....is that the Wally World Special??? I have 2 of them in my car(somewhere), only i got mine at Gander Mountain last spring while they were on sale for $2.


And I pickup an "outhouse-blind" for those emergecies while out caching....LOL


He prayeth best, who loveth best All things both great and small; For the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all.


S. T. Coleridge

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Sorry to hear about your injuries planet. I know a family that lost a father and husband to an over anxious twelve year old with a gun and he was wearing blaze camo coveralls. just because your safe does not mean others are. fluoresent lime green is also acceptable in some states. safe caching all!

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I just take a vacation from caching around hunting season. Well...from the WMA anyway.


They have a rifle/shotgun and I have a GPS. Not very fair when they are armed better than me.


On an aside, my girlfriends son and dad both are hunters. I declined to go with them. I don't trust a 9 year old with a gun, and I don't trust my soon to be father in law. I'm not that confident on how much he likes me...

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