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Geocaching in Maryland Parks...


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I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation on geocaching to Maryland Park officials. The invitation was extended by a Mr. John Marshall who is the Chief of Special Operations for the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and, a very enthusiastic supporter of geocaching!


The meeting was attended by representatives of nearly all of Maryland's park systems... State, County, local, regional, etc... The purpose of the meeting was to familiarize park officials with the basic concept of geocaching, how the GPS system works and how the GPS unit is used in locating a cache. Also discussed were some of the benefits geocachers bring to the park systems such as cache-in-trash-out, increased attendance, identification of trail maintenance issues etc..


The presentation was very warmly received including a round of applause at it's conclusion. Mr. Marshall also indicated his desire to hold a workshop in the Fall devoted entirely to geocaching and is looking for additional volunteers to assist in giving a more comprehensive presentation to include pairing off with rangers and other park officials to lead them on geocache hunts. Anyone interested in attending/participating in this workshop may contact me and I will put them in touch with Mr. Marshall.


Mr. Marshall also indicated that his goal was to have one central contact point (phone number/email?)that geocachers can address for information/assistance on hiding a cache in any of Marland's parks. For now though, folks wishing to inform park officials of their desire to hide a cache in a Maryland park can at least expect the folks on the other end of the line to know what it is all about.


Happy caching,


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